Friday, October 16, 2009

Rotor Exchange Program

At Cameron, we recognize that you depend on our compressors to keep your plant processes operating.
We understand that rotor failure in centrifugal compressors can lead to extended downtime which means lost productivity and, ultimately, lost revenue for our customers.
While Cameron can repair rotors quickly, your machine will generally stay offline during the entire 4-8 week repair process. The Rotor Exchange program was designed to provide our customers with a quicker and inexpensive alternative to repair. We carry new rotors in stock, and they can be delivered in a matter of days. See below for details...

How does the program work?

  • Contact your local sales office or account manager.
  • Place order for new rotor via the rotor exchange program.
  • Replace existing rotor with the new rotor.
  • Return core to CCS within 60 days of purchase order.
  • Cameron will inspect core and issue an account credit for 30% of the new rotor's list price.
Are rotors available for all models and what is the lead time?
Our rotor exchange program applies to all Turbo-Air and C8 models manufactured by Cameron. In addition, our standard lead time for rotors is 4 weeks but can be expedited on a case by case basis.

  • TA-18
  • TA-28
  • TA-38
  • TA-48
  • TA-2000
  • TA-2020
  • TA-3000
  • TA-6000
  • TA-9000
Quality Commitment
From start to finish, from the factory to the field, in every area, for every employee, quality is the rule. Our objective is to exceed your expectations. To guarantee performance to both customer and manufacturer specifications, every rotor is fully tested for aerodynamic and mechanical performance by highly skilled technicians before it leaves our factory.

As the original equipment manufacturer of your Joy®, Cooper Turbocompressor®, Cooper Compression and Cameron centrifugal compressors, we are the natural choice for all your parts and service needs. To express our commitment to quality our replacement parts are backed by a 6-month replacement warranty.

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