Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Replacement Parts

Dependable, High-Quality OEM Parts
Genuine OEM parts provided by CAMSERV ensure that Cameron's Compression Systems equipment continues to provide the original, high-quality performance and long service life that has been verified by customers since 1833 to lower total cost of ownership. Cameron's Compression Systems replacement parts precisely and consistently meet all product design parameters, quality standards, and manufacturing tolerances. Replacement parts from Cameron's Compression Systems always install correctly the first time, ensuring accurate form and fit to meet original product specifications.

Commitment to Timely Delivery
Quick delivery of genuine Cameron's Compression Systems replacement parts is always a top priority. Our 100,000 square-foot central parts warehouse stocks a full range of replacement parts for Cameron's Compression Systems and non-Cameron's Compression Systems engines, compressors and power generation equipment, including Ajax®, Caterpillar®, Clark®, Cooper-Bessemer®, Enterprise™, Ingersoll Rand®, Penn™ Pump, Superior®, Waukesha® and Worthington®. Customer shipments from our distribution center are targeted for delivery within 24 hours. Inventory located at many of our branch facilities puts our valued customers even closer to the parts they need.

Parts Exchange Program
An economical alternative to new parts replacement, our parts exchange program allows operators to trade worn parts for used or factory reconditioned components and assemblies. Our growing list of parts includes power cylinder heads, pumps, camshafts, power cylinders, and others for a wide range of engines, compressors, turbochargers, control units and more.

Unit Exchange Program
When you can’t afford a shutdown during an engine overhaul, Cameron's Compression System's unit exchange program offers a number of attractive benefits. Fully certified exchange units are delivered to your site before any works begins, assuring any necessary downtime is minimal. Exchange equipment will minimize your down time by 70% compared to a conventional field overhaul duration, allowing our customer to be online well ahead of schedule. Plus, any necessary upgrades or enhancements can be incorporated into your exchange equipment beforehand, offering you a fast, economical way to upgrade performance.

Web-Based Ordering
With our Buy Parts E-Commerce System, doing business with CAMSERV is faster, easier and more efficient than ever. The system links customers to our CAMSERV facilities, allowing access to information such as parts inventory and availability, lead times, pricing information, shipping status and technical training schedules. It also allows secure ordering of parts for new, used and exchanged equipment—and provides immediate shipment to any location.

Strategic Partnerships
CAMSERV has helped many customers improve profitability and effectiveness through strategic alliance partnerships. These agreements are broad-reaching, long-term relationships designed to leverage the capabilities of both Cameron's Compression Systems and the alliance partner, as well as promote joint planning and reduced costs. Alliance partners can also benefit from inventory management programs, maintenance agreements, facilities management, purchasing programs and other value-added initiatives.

Dedicated Customer Service
Our 24/7 Call Center provides customer service, inside sales, application engineering, and technical support for customers who own and operate a variety of engine and compressor brands including Ajax®, Clark®, Cooper-Bessemer®, Enterprise™, IR®, Penn™, Superior®, Worthington®, and many others. Located at our division headquarters, the Call Center centralizes all of Cameron's Compression Systems aftermarket technical support and legacy product documentation, providing a one stop source for customer technical needs.

To place an order or request further information, contact our Call Center toll free at 1-877-754-3562 or consult your local Cameron's Compression Systems sales office today.

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